Client Appreciation: Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

Client Appreciation: Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

My Faithful Assistant wishes to say a special Thank You to Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center, Inc.

COOPC, as known by their patients, has been a leader in orthotic and prosthetic services in central Ohio since 1991 and a client of My Faithful Assistant since 2000, when we opened for business.

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Scoliosis Information

Scoliosis Information

Scoliosis is described as an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.

Everyone’s spine has a natural curve to it. However, there can be an abnormal amount of curvature as well. According to the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), a curvature of greater than 10 degrees is considered Scoliosis.

The most common type of Scoliosis is called Idiopathic Scoliosis. Idiopathic Scoliosis can be broken down into three age groups; Infantile which affects age 3 and younger, Juvenile which affects age 4 through 10 and Adolescent which affects ages 11 through 18. Adolescent is the most common type of Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Some symptoms may include: uneven shoulder height, uneven hip height, lower back pain, and tiredness in the spine after sitting or standing for a length of time.

Your physician will perform a physical exam. They will also require a set of x-rays to be made of your spine. They may also take measurements of your spinal curvature, called a scoliometer screening.

There are a variety of treatment options that your physician may choose for you. Treatment can depend on your age, the cause of your scoliosis, what location your spine is curving from, what degree your curve is and if your body is finished growing.

tlsoOne form of treatment that can be prescribed by your physician is bracing. The goal of bracing is to correct your spinal curvature and keep it from getting worse. Scoliosis back braces are very effective in achieving correction of a spinal curvature. Scoliosis Braces are custom made for you, based on measurements or a cast impression. Once you’re fit with your Scoliosis Brace, you will be asked to schedule a follow-up appointment with our office, as well as with your physician. Your physician may repeat x-rays with you wearing your brace to make sure the degree of correction is achieved.

Another form of treatment your physician may prescribe is surgery. Surgical treatment would entail metal implants that are attached to your spine, and then connected to a single rod or possibly two rods. The goal of implants is to correct your spine and hold it into position until your spine has fused. Again, many factors go into your physician’s treatment preference for you. Your physician will review all of the options and choose the best one for you.

If your physician has prescribed Scoliosis Bracing for you, please contact our office to set-up a FREE consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your particular Scoliosis curvature and bracing treatment goals. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to bring your prescription, x-rays and insurance card with you to your appointment.

And please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to fill out some patient information paperwork.

Our office staff will be happy to contact your insurance carrier and review your plan’s payment policy with you before you leave.

Patients Seen in Either Location Are Seen by Appointment.

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Meet Our Patient, Cameron Casparro

Meet Our Patient, Cameron Casparro

Cameron Casparro

Cameron Casparro

We would like to introduce our patient, Cameron Casparro.

Cameron is two years old and is one of our prosthetic patients. He was in a lawn mower accident a year ago, which left him with a loss of his limb, just below the knee.

Up until recently, he had been unable to walk. Now, with the help of his below the knee prosthetic device, he’s able to stand, walk, run and just be a kid again.

His excitement and beautiful smile lit Up the office the day he came in to be fit with his below knee prosthesis.

First Walk

First Walk

BK Prosthesis

BK Prosthesis

We are honored to have been part of Cameron’s first walk. It is a gift we will treasure.

Treasures, like Cameron, are just one reason Barry Fowler, Sr. has been providing orthotic & prosthetic services for over 45 years.

Congratulations Cameron!!


A note on children’s below knee prosthesis:
Trauma is one of the top four reasons for amputation in children. There are numerous ways in which a child amputee is different from an adult amputee. For example, the residual limb for a child will continue to grow. And the demands on a child’s below knee prosthesis is typically more than an adult’s due to a child’s activity level of playfulness, when compared to a sedentary adult. A child can generally begin the fitting process of a below knee process at about the time they’re able to stand.



A Trip Around The Columbus, Ohio Office at Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

A Trip Around The Columbus, Ohio Office at Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center

Thank you for joining us for a trip around the Columbus, Ohio office at Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center!

Patients, parents, guardians and/or caretakers are welcomed in our large and comfortable waiting room. Your wait time is less than ten minutes, on average.

Our front office will take care of getting you signed in, getting all the necessary paperwork pulled together for the patient and will let you know what your benefits are, after talking with your insurance carrier.

We have multiple, clean measurement and casting rooms for patients to be seen on their initial visit with us.

We have a large walking room for prosthetic patients to be fit in. They also have their adjustments made in this room and any measurements that are needed will be taken here also. We have multiple fitting rooms available for patients to be initially seen, measurements taken when needed and their braces are fit to them in these rooms as well.

Our billing office will take care of getting any pre-certifications or pre-determinations for you, from your insurance provider. As a courtesy, they will also take care of billing your insurance carrier for you as well.

Our casting department will handle making cast molds or plaster casts of your brace in order to get it ready for our plastics department, as well as, our main lab & finish fabrication department.

Our plastics department takes care of getting the correct plastic and placement on to your orthotic or prosthetic device. It’s also one of the last departments your brace sees before heading to our main lab & finish fabrication department.

Our fabrication department handles every orthotic & prosthetic device that comes through our doors; whether it’s for repairs, adjustments, fittings or fabrication.

Here’s a Preview of Our E. Mound St. Facility: