Thank you for joining us for a trip around the Columbus, Ohio office at Central Ohio Orthotic & Prosthetic Center!

Patients, parents, guardians and/or caretakers are welcomed in our large and comfortable waiting room. Your wait time is less than ten minutes, on average.

Our front office will take care of getting you signed in, getting all the necessary paperwork pulled together for the patient and will let you know what your benefits are, after talking with your insurance carrier.

We have multiple, clean measurement and casting rooms for patients to be seen on their initial visit with us.

We have a large walking room for prosthetic patients to be fit in. They also have their adjustments made in this room and any measurements that are needed will be taken here also. We have multiple fitting rooms available for patients to be initially seen, measurements taken when needed and their braces are fit to them in these rooms as well.

Our billing office will take care of getting any pre-certifications or pre-determinations for you, from your insurance provider. As a courtesy, they will also take care of billing your insurance carrier for you as well.

Our casting department will handle making cast molds or plaster casts of your brace in order to get it ready for our plastics department, as well as, our main lab & finish fabrication department.

Our plastics department takes care of getting the correct plastic and placement on to your orthotic or prosthetic device. It’s also one of the last departments your brace sees before heading to our main lab & finish fabrication department.

Our fabrication department handles every orthotic & prosthetic device that comes through our doors; whether it’s for repairs, adjustments, fittings or fabrication.

Here’s a Preview of Our E. Mound St. Facility: